1. Carefully selected by the My Green Chapter team, our indoor plant selection consists of a variety of plants that are popular and easy to manage. From single stem bamboo to large palm plants, we have a plant for every space.
  2. We love succulents as they are so low-maintenance. With very little watering and pruning, those with little planting experience can enjoy the benefits of these plants and become a green thumb overnight.
  3. Artificial plants are the perfect solution for those wanting a daily dose of green without having to waste water while doing it. Choose from a variety of single stem flowers or pre-potted plant to revitalize any room.
  4. Watering our lawns accounts for half of the water consumption in the UAE. For those who want to save water, our high quality artificial grass is UV resistant, non-toxic and easy to clean thanks to its drainage holes.
  5. The days of buying herbs from the supermarket only to throw them out the next day are gone! Enjoy, basil, mint, rosemary and more with our super-selection of fresh, potted herbs which also look fab on any kitchen counter.

Featured Plants products

Areca Palm 130cm

Excl. Tax: AED279.05 Incl. Tax: AED293.00

Croton Plant Single Stem 35cm

Excl. Tax: AED33.33 Incl. Tax: AED35.00

Mini Succulents Mix (per piece)

Excl. Tax: AED14.29 Incl. Tax: AED15.00

Artificial Privet plant in ceramic pot

Excl. Tax: AED120.00 Incl. Tax: AED126.00

Artificial Grass - Verdecor Gold 25 mm, per sqm

Excl. Tax: AED75.24 Incl. Tax: AED79.00

Rosemary Herb 17cm Pot

Excl. Tax: AED52.38 Incl. Tax: AED55.00

Dracaena Compacta Plant 3pp 100cm

Excl. Tax: AED257.14 Incl. Tax: AED270.00
Fittonia Plant Mix Colour  by Wahat Available in various sizes

Fittonia Plant Mix Colour

Price From: Excl. Tax: AED11.43 Incl. Tax: AED12.00

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