1. Enriched soil is essential for the growth of any seedling; it is important for the upkeep of any vegetation. Our team has put together different variations of balanced and nourishing soil so you can find something for all crop types.
  2. Feed your plant the nutrition it requires from our collection of premium fertilizers.
  3. Kickstart your cultivation with our easy-to-use Germination kits. Designed with seedbeds and cover providing the ideal conditions for germinating seeds.
  4. Use our Grow Kits to kickstart a wonderful journey in urban farming as you grow your own herbs and vegetables in the comfort of home. With a complete starter kit of the essential germinating seeds, a wooden box and potting compost, just add water and watch your little farm come to fruition with the fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers!
  5. We now provide a simple way to enhance your outdoor space or interior foliage displays with our wide selection of sand, small granulated rocks, slightly bigger marbles or smooth, large pebbles, all available in a variety of colours.

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