Pine Bark Mulch 45 Liters

Excl. Tax: AED51.43 Incl. Tax: AED54.00

Hydro Stones 40 Liters

Excl. Tax: AED112.38 Incl. Tax: AED118.00

Perlite (100 Liters)

Excl. Tax: AED50.48 Incl. Tax: AED53.00

Perlite (10 Liters)

Excl. Tax: AED10.48 Incl. Tax: AED11.00

Bio Compost 50 Liters

Excl. Tax: AED26.67 Incl. Tax: AED28.00

Bio-Coco Peat - 50 Liters

Excl. Tax: AED28.57 Incl. Tax: AED30.00

Potting Soil (20 Liters)

Excl. Tax: AED12.38 Incl. Tax: AED13.00

Potting Soil (50 Liters)

Excl. Tax: AED24.76 Incl. Tax: AED26.00
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Coconut Bowl For Round Hanging Basket  by Verdemax Available in various sizes

Coconut Bowl For Round Hanging Basket


Price From: Excl. Tax: AED13.43 Incl. Tax: AED14.10

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Coconut Mat 0.5x1.5 m

Excl. Tax: AED40.00 Incl. Tax: AED42.00

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