1. Snip and saw away to a beautiful garden with our range of professional cutting tools. You can do it yourself with our easy-to-use and highly functional set of tools which includes secateurs, shearers, axes and hacksaws. Designed for the happy urban gardener intending to keep his garden trim and tidy!
  2. As you get ready for your planting season, make sure you have these basic garden tools on hand
  3. A selection of quality stakes & labels which will provide the serious gardener with a full set of functional and well-designed tools to enhance their horticultural experience.
  4. We take care of everything that even the most fastidious farmer would need including tape, cord and fasteners for cultivation ease. Our selection includes yarn, steel wires, pvc cords, and cable ties and are available in various lengths and sizes to match all gardening needs.
  5. Create a fun outdoor activity for your little ones. Pick from the options available and nourish that budding curiosity by developing their awareness for an environmentally friendly future.
  6. For the avid nature lover, we offer a variety of add-ons with aprons, bags, clogs, cup, containers & gloves to suit your fancy whether it be fauna, floral or foliage!

Featured Tools products

Briers Honeysuckle Trowel

Price Excl. VAT: AED 49.52 Price Incl. VAT: AED 52.00

Deluxe Rake - 23 cm

Price Excl. VAT: AED 29.52 Price Incl. VAT: AED 31.00

Ortobimbo Grow KIt

Price Excl. VAT: AED 60.00 Price Incl. VAT: AED 63.00

Professional Fixed Handsaw, Blade 30 cm

Price Excl. VAT: AED 179.05 Price Incl. VAT: AED 188.00
  • special offer

Washable Apron

AED 37.00

Special Price Price Excl. VAT: AED 28.19 Price Incl. VAT: AED 29.60

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