With our range of pressure sprayers, you can give your plants a refreshing wash with our shower sprays and the power sprays are just what you will need to get rid of pests and grime on the leaves and branches!

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Adjustable Jet Spray Pistol with On/Off Lock

Price Excl. VAT: AED 29.52 Price Incl. VAT: AED 31.00

Jet Spray Twist Nozzle

Price Excl. VAT: AED 9.52 Price Incl. VAT: AED 10.00
Plant spray SPRY  by Prosperplast Available in various colors, sizes

Plant spray SPRY

Price From: Price Excl. VAT: AED 8.57 Price Incl. VAT: AED 9.00

Plastic spray bottle 0.5 Litre - Assorted colours

Price Excl. VAT: AED 5.71 Price Incl. VAT: AED 6.00

Pressure sprayer - 1 Litre

Price Excl. VAT: AED 20.00 Price Incl. VAT: AED 21.00

Professional Pressure Sprayer - 2 Litres

Price Excl. VAT: AED 25.71 Price Incl. VAT: AED 27.00
  • special offer

Shower Spray Pistol With Ergonomic Handle (7 Jets)

AED 58.00

Special Price Price Excl. VAT: AED 44.19 Price Incl. VAT: AED 46.40

Shower Spray Pistol With Ergonomic Long Handle (9 Jets)

Price Excl. VAT: AED 55.24 Price Incl. VAT: AED 58.00

Shower Spray Pistol With On/Off Locks (7 Jets)

Price Excl. VAT: AED 39.05 Price Incl. VAT: AED 41.00

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