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Smart Cara PCS350 - Silver/Black

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The SmartCara is top of the class of all indoor food composters. Reducing your food waste in as little as 3-4 hours, breakfast scraps can be converted into compost and put on your plants by lunchtime. This clever composting unit is odorless, requires no additives and doesn’t make a sound. Compact in its design, it comes on 2 cool colors to suit any kitchen space.  

  • 3 step process makes composting food waste easy!

  • Reduces kitchen waste up to 90% of it's original volume

  • No venting, draining or additives required

  • Electricity consumption @ 0.5 KWh per cycle!

  • SMART Voice

    An artificial intelligence feature that has been installed for individuals of special assistance.
    SMART CARA does not need any installation, simple plug in and fill up mechanism.

  • How it Works:

    1. Food Waste Is Crushed And Dried Using High-Heat Cross Sectional Multi- Rolling System In Conjunction With Air-Circulation - The efficiency is maximized through heating methods - The internal impellers circulate, condensation will be generated due to moisture - Outside air is brought in to increase drying

    2. Strong Crushing Power With Minimum Noise - The grinding blades are sharp, eliminating a large amount of noise - The blunt force of the 3-piece impeller is strong enough to crush chicken bones - Operating at 6-8 rpm, it generates almost no noise

    3. Auto Shutdown Once Drying Is Confirmed Through an Intelligent Energy Saving System - Drying time is automatically adjusted to the amount of waste inserted - Saving energy by reducing unnecessary drying time - Biomass (residue) can be used as a high nutrient 'Organic Fertilizer'

    4. Self-Cleaning Technique – Once The Operating Cycle Is Complete, Refill The Bucket With Water And Press The Self-Cleaning Button - Cleaning time is automatically adjusted according to the amount of waste within the bucket - Reject water is then thrown out and the bucket is completely clean! - Self-cleaning mechanism also cleans the inner filter

    *Power Saving Features: One Cycle operation electricity consumption: 1kWh. Average monthly electricity: 5 AED *based on UAE national average 10 fils per kWh

More details
  • Brand: Smart Cara
  • SKU: SMPCS350
  • Barcode: 8888880001025
  • Weight: 9.0000 kg
  • Height: 350 CM
  • Width: 270 CM
  • Depth: 300 CM
  • Capacity Display: 1.5-2.0
  • Electric power: 220V-240V
Smart Cara Setup

Smart Cara PCS350 - Silver/Black from Smart Cara from Dubai-based most unconventional online garden centre & pet store.
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