Cactus Plant 8.5cm Pot  by WAHAT

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Cactus Plant 8.5cm Pot

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If you need an easy care and forgiving houseplant, an ever popular Cactus could be the plant for you.

  • The mini-cacti generally produce brightly colored flowers and take on interesting shapes.
  • Cacti protect their central parts so well because it's their primary means of storing normally scarce water and nutrients. If you water a very dehydrated cactus, within an hour you can almost see it swelling and bulging as it takes up the water.
  • In the majority of cases, a cactus will be very happy to sit in a location that receives direct sunlight for part or most of the day. This is often essential if you want your plant to get bigger and to flower, for the those that do flower indoors of course as not all do. That said, almost all cacti will be somewhat accepting of a shadier spot for a time, but growth will suffer as a result.
  • The best way to water your cactus is to do so whenever the soil dries out fully from your last watering. When this happens water well again and then don't give any more until the soil has dried out once more. Give less water if your plant is in a colder or shady position and in Winter cut right back, just enough to keep the soil barely moist is plenty.
  • Product colour/size may vary from picture. All plants are sold in nursery pots.
  • SKU: WH0040
  • Brand: WAHAT
  • Manufacturer barcode: 8888880001445
  • Self Watering: No
Cactus Plant 8.5cm Pot from WAHAT from Dubai-based most unconventional online garden centre.
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