Croton Plant Branched 60cm  by WAHAT

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Croton Plant Branched 60cm

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Codiaeum Variegatum or Crotons offer a splash of color to any environment. With thick, leathery leaves that have a shiny surface and that grow in a wide variety of colors, they’re admired as an ornamental.

  • Bright light with at least two or three hours of direct sunlight daily is necessary for good colouration. The normal leaf loss of older Codiaeum Variegatum will be much increased in inadequate light.
  • Codiaeum variegatum grow well in normal room temperatures; do not let the temperature fall below 13°C (55°F). For adequate humidity stand the pots on trays of damp pebbles. Keep these plants protect them from drafts and severe fluctuations in temperature.
  • During the active growth period water plentifully – enough to keep the potting mixture thoroughly moist – but never allow pots to stand in water. In the rest period give only enough water to keep the potting mixture from drying out completely.
  • Use slow-release pellets or liquid fertilizer during the active growing season. Water and fertilize weekly during the growing season.
  • Approx 60cm in height, product colour/size may vary from picture. All plants are sold in nursery pots.
  • SKU: WH0056
  • Brand: WAHAT
  • Manufacturer barcode: 8888880001612
  • Self Watering: No
Croton Plant Branched 60cm from WAHAT from Dubai-based most unconventional online garden centre.
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