Money Plant 20-25cm  by WAHAT

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Money Plant 20-25cm

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The Money Plant 'Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy, Epipremnum aureum' is a very easy growing, hassle free and low maintenance plants that can tolerate lower light levels, bright filtered light or even the full sun.

  • The beauty of this plant is in its leaves. Each arrow shaped leaf will alternate location with the leaves around it. These leaves will grow up to 39 inches long (100 cm) and 18 inches across (45 cm). Even on juvenile plants, the leaves appear exactly the same as they do on mature plants, only as smaller versions of themselves. This makes this plant beautiful at any age. The tops of the leaves appear as a blotched marbled yellow and green combination, with each leaf being unique from the others on the vine. You may pinch off the leaves at the stems in order to shape the plant and control where it grows.
  • This plant does best in partial shade conditions year-round. Too much light will burn the leaves, causing them to lose their marbled quality.
  • Epipremnum aureum requires watering only when the first quarter inch of soil begins to feel dry to the touch. Overwatering will cause the plant's roots to rot. Under-watering is not an issue, as this plant will withstand a high degree of abuse. It will only stunt the growth of the plant.
  • Every part of this plant is poisonous to domestic animals and pets of all kinds, as well as to humans. Avoid having this plant in your home if you have pets or small children.
  • Approx 20-25cm in height, product colour/size may vary from picture. All plants are sold in nursery pots.
  • SKU: WH0024
  • Brand: WAHAT
  • Self Watering: No
Money Plant 20-25cm from WAHAT from Dubai-based most unconventional online garden centre.
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