Chinese Evergreen

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Growing Chinese evergreens (Aglaonema) is easy. This gem of a plant is one of the most popular houseplants due to its ease of care. You can find Chinese evergreen plants in many varieties, including variegated forms.

  • Although they are tolerant of many growing conditions, following certain recommendations will yield greater results. This includes placing them in well-drained soil, preferably an equal mix of potting soil, perlite and sand
  • Approx 30-40cm in height, the product color and size may vary from the picture. All plants are sold in nursery pots
  • Nursery pot's dimensions: D11.5 x H13.5
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Chinese evergreen plants thrive in medium to low light conditions, or indirect sunlight. Wherever you place it in the home, you should make sure that the plant receives warm temps and somewhat humid conditions. However, this flexible plant will tolerate less than ideal conditions if necessary. These plants prefer temperatures no lower than 60 F. (16 C.) with average indoor temps ranging between 70-72 F. (21-22 C.) being most favorable, but they can tolerate temps around 50-55 F.(10-13 C.). Keep Chinese evergreen plants away from drafts, which can cause browning of the foliage.

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