Main reasons to use Bokashi

Bokashi is an environmentally friendly organic product, feeding the soil through kitchen waste recycling. You just need to choose between the black composting bin or the white composting bin, and  get your compost activator.

It is a GREEN initiative, resulting in:

1Education on how to help save our environment:

Everyone using this system is being educated about recycling food waste, the use of organic plant food, reducing landfills, use of chemical free products and thereby reducing global warming.

2Increased personal responsibility for each of us:

Bokashi gives personal control of recycling of foodwaste enabling a sustainable cycle to be set up in the home. This is a simple, relatively inexpensive and rewarding way in which one can contribute towards reducing waste and regenerating nature.
It involves little effort, but enough to ensure that some personal responsibility is required, contributing to the development of a life-long interest and commitment towards protecting the environment

Bokashi products

3A decreased carbon footprint:

Fermenting waste is very much more efficient than composting. The process retains all the energy (rather than releasing it into the atmosphere).
All water is retained, not evaporated.
No need to use artificial fertilisers - the end product is extremely valuable as an organic soil conditioner and fertiliser. Chemical fertilisers inevitably leach through the soil into our seas and lakes affecting the marine life.
The liquid produced as a by-product is teeming with microbes and nutrients! You can dilute it and use this directly on your garden or on plants as liquid plant food.

4Increased environmental sustainability:

Help save the climate by reducing the landfills. Once foodwaste is removed from the waste stream 20% more recyclables are recovered as the non food waste component is saved from contamination by food stuff.
Use all your kitchen waste - save money spent on compost and plant food, whilst returning nutrients to the soil.
You can simply tip the liquid down the sink - the microbes will go to work on your drains and keep them clean.

On a Personal level:

  • Make fewer trips to the outside bin
  • Feed your garden - both plants and soil!
  • No bad odours due to rotting foodstuff
  • Watch your garden grow

5Decreased production of greenhouse gases:

Greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced during fermentation, as the amount of methane produced during conventional composting does not occur.

6Increased residents’ awareness regarding protection of the environment:

Who can use it? - anyone who has a kitchen: households, offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants
Who should be interested? - everyone, as we all eat and therefore produce food waste

7Ease of use

It's easy. Check our tutorial on how to use Bokashi composting system.

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