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Farma Pigeon Feed Daily 20 KG

Excl. Tax: AED76.19 Incl. Tax: AED80.00

Farma Pigeon Feed Depurative 20 KG

Excl. Tax: AED78.10 Incl. Tax: AED82.00

Farma Pigeon Feed Junior Economy 20 KG

Excl. Tax: AED85.24 Incl. Tax: AED89.50
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Farma Pigeon Feed 4-Season 20 KG

Excl. Tax: AED87.14 Incl. Tax: AED91.50

Farma Pigeon Feed Racing Special 20 KG

Excl. Tax: AED95.24 Incl. Tax: AED100.00

Farma Racing Pigeon Feed - Special Derwa Hot Climate 20 KG

Excl. Tax: AED103.33 Incl. Tax: AED108.50

Farma Pigeon Feed Moulting Diet 20 KG

Excl. Tax: AED102.38 Incl. Tax: AED107.50
  • out of stock

Farma Pigeon Feed Breeding Diet 20 KG

Excl. Tax: AED110.00 Incl. Tax: AED115.50

Farma Pigeon Feed Super Mix of Minerals 12 KG

Excl. Tax: AED124.76 Incl. Tax: AED131.00

Farma Felts for Pigeons - pack of 6 pcs

Excl. Tax: AED25.24 Incl. Tax: AED26.50
  • out of stock

Farma Pigeon Rings 12mm - pack of 100 pcs

Excl. Tax: AED30.00 Incl. Tax: AED31.50
  • out of stock

Farma Pigeon Rings 8mm - pack of 100 pcs

Excl. Tax: AED15.24 Incl. Tax: AED16.00

Vetafarm Synbiotic 180-S

Excl. Tax: AED67.62 Incl. Tax: AED71.00

Vetafarm Pigeon Recharge 50ml

Excl. Tax: AED99.52 Incl. Tax: AED104.50

Vetafarm Pigeon Ribolyte 100ml

Excl. Tax: AED117.14 Incl. Tax: AED123.00

Vetafarm Pigeon Multivet Tabs 100's

Excl. Tax: AED222.38 Incl. Tax: AED233.50

Vetafarm Pigeon Liverclens Tabs 100's

Excl. Tax: AED118.10 Incl. Tax: AED124.00

Vetafarm Pigeon Blud 1000's

Excl. Tax: AED897.14 Incl. Tax: AED942.00

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