1. Carefully selected by the My Green Chapter team, our indoor plant selection is a variety of plants that are popular and easy to manage. From single stem bamboo to large palm plants we have something for all spaces, whether a large office space or small studio.
  2. Succulents are unbelievably low-maintenance. They require very little watering and pruning so even those with little planting experience can enjoy the benefits of these plants. In a variety of sizes and colours they are the perfect addition to any household or workspace.
  3. Artificial plants are the perfect solution for those wanting a daily dose of green without having to waste water while doing it. Choose from a variety of single stem flowers or simply select a pre-potted plant. They really are a great way to change the ambiance of any space. From setting a mood of welcome and relaxation at home to brightening dark corners in offices.
  4. Watering the lawn accounts for half of the water consumption in the UAE. For those who want to save water, our high quality artificial grass is the best solution: UV resistant, non-toxic to children or pets and easy to clean thanks to its drainage holes, it is the perfect green touch for your garden or balcony.

Featured Plants products

Zamioculcas Zamifolia 90-110cm

Price Excl. VAT: AED 179.05 Price Incl. VAT: AED 188.00

Schefflera Arboricola Plant 120cm

Price Excl. VAT: AED 132.38 Price Incl. VAT: AED 139.00

Moth Orchids White Plant 2-Stem 70cm

Price Excl. VAT: AED 132.38 Price Incl. VAT: AED 139.00

Kentia Palm Plant 120cm

Price Excl. VAT: AED 180.95 Price Incl. VAT: AED 190.00

Haworthia Fasciata (Small)

Price Excl. VAT: AED 29.52 Price Incl. VAT: AED 31.00

Echeveria Small plant

Price Excl. VAT: AED 25.71 Price Incl. VAT: AED 27.00

Artificial Grass - Verdecor Gold 25 mm, per sqm

Price Excl. VAT: AED 75.24 Price Incl. VAT: AED 79.00

Aloe Vera Plant 40cm

Price Excl. VAT: AED 46.67 Price Incl. VAT: AED 49.00

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