My Green Chapter: Preventing Food Waste

Shop Smart

Food wastage is something we can all work on starting with meal preparation. It may sound simple but shopping smart is an art. Avoid shopping on impulse and always have a list. Planning your weekly meals will save you time and money and we suggest taking a couple of hours every week to wash, chop and prepare all your meals to half the time of your food prep. Buying in bulk can also be very cost effective and with less trips to the supermarket, you will save on precious time as well. You can also help the environment in other ways like bringing your own cloth bags, store your produce in paper bags and buy food that comes in easily recyclable materials.

Recycle your food waste through composting

Turn your food scraps into nutrient-rich compost. Composting at home is now easier than ever thanks to special technology available. Find out more on our website about the different types of equipment available to help you recycle your household waste into good quality compost. Click here to learn more about compost; what it is and other interesting facts you might not have known.

Properly store food

Are you guilty of leaving cooked food out on the bench overnight or perhaps putting an open tin back in the fridge with no lid?  These common oversights lead to food going bad way faster than if it was correctly stored. Invest in some glass containers (with lids) or recycled food containers and store your food the right way to avoid food wastage and potential poisoning.  We also suggest giving your fridge a good wipe down every week. As well as keeping it in the best condition, you will also be reminded of food that needs to be eaten or what food needs to be purchased.

Donate to food banks

If you have stored food that you know won’t be eaten or have cooked too much, there’s always someone somewhere who will be blessed by it. We love the saying ‘charity starts at home’ so do your bit for the community and donate your food to those in need.

According to UAE Food Bank, there are almost 1 billion hungry people in the world right now. If only one quarter of the food wasted was saved, it would feed about 870 million hungry people across the world. Find out more about how you can give back to society through food donations or volunteering with UAE Food Bank.

Why it is important to reduce food waste?

Defining food wastage: Food wastage is discarded or uneaten food which is fit for human consumption. There are many causes, accidental or intentional, for food waste. According to the UAE Food Bank statics show:

  1. The UAE generates more than 6.5 million tonnes of waste per year with each person contributing around 1.2 to 1.3 kilograms per day
  2. 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted annually
  3. 222 million tonnes of food is wasted in developed countries.
  4. 1 trillion dollars is wasted on food annually.
  5. Approximately 410 billion dollars is spent discarding food waste.

The secondary effects of food waste result in the loss of valuable resources such as capital, water, labor and land.

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