1. Providing options to grow your own herbs and vegetables at home all year round. With Electronic smart gardens Plantui and Click & Grow providing a variety of refill options to verdemax classic grow kits. A great gift idea!
  2. Perfect for balconies and urban spaces. Our modular units, with self-watering options are easy to assemble and bring any space indoors or outdoors to life!
  3. An ingenious design for pots that will keep your plants adequately watered and moist while you're busy living life. Our self-watering systems take the headache and worry out of plant-care. You can go away on your holiday and as long as you topped up the cleverly-designed 'reservoir', there will be plenty of water for your plants.
  4. Enjoy your plants and vegetables all year round, with our greenhouses and cultivation boxes. These are suitable for your garden or balconies. In various designs and sizes, our greenhouse selection is portable and can be used for protection of delicate floral or the more sensitive plants or herbs.
  5. Imagine collecting eggs everyday from your own brood of chickens? From start to finish, you will have all that you need to start and maintain a healthy, happy brood of hens.
  6. Whether it's rats, cats, or birds now attracted to your flourishing flora, foliage or fruit trees, we can help you set up the deterrents and protect your garden and home.
  7. There's always more to discover in the world of gardening and husbandry, specifically to conditions in our part of the world. Check out our selection of books on Gardening in the UAE and Chicken Keeping.

Featured Urban farming products

Autopot 1 pot XL 4 pot starterkit including 47L Watertank Bulk

Price Excl. VAT: AED 799.05 Price Incl. VAT: AED 839.00

Chicken Coop/House & free assembly STELLA with Ladder

Price Excl. VAT: AED 1,035.24 Price Incl. VAT: AED 1,087.00

Cultivation/Planting Herb Table - Colour White

Price Excl. VAT: AED 299.05 Price Incl. VAT: AED 314.00

Minigarden Corner Column - 8 Modules - Black

Price Excl. VAT: AED 479.05 Price Incl. VAT: AED 503.00

My Arabian Almanakh - Gardening Journal

Price Excl. VAT: AED 114.29 Price Incl. VAT: AED 120.00

Pest Controller - Mouse Deterrent

Price Excl. VAT: AED 110.48 Price Incl. VAT: AED 116.00

Plantui 6 Smart Garden - Red

Price Excl. VAT: AED 1,046.67 Price Incl. VAT: AED 1,099.00


Price Excl. VAT: AED 49.52 Price Incl. VAT: AED 52.00

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