An ingenious design for pots that will keep your plants adequately watered and moist while you're busy living life. Our self-watering systems take the headache and worry out of plant-care. You can go away on your holiday and as long as you topped up the cleverly-designed 'reservoir', there will be plenty of water for your plants.
  1. Indoor garden care goes up a notch here with our selection of self-watering systems to free you from the worry of daily watering. These ingenious designs with the water tank and a nutrient reservoir will regulate and ensure plants have what they need, even during your absence.
  2. Take the worry out of gardening with an outdoor self-watering system . The Autopot systems are designed in a way that will ensure that your plants are watered, even during your absence. A modular unit, with no limits to how big you can expand.
  3. A varied range of accessories to enhance your gardening experience - T connectors, self-watering systems and probes, plus AutoPot's appliances to improve the care of the plant's root system.

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Autopot 1 pot extension kit Bulk

Price Excl. VAT: AED 139.05 Price Incl. VAT: AED 146.00

Autopot 1 pot XL 4 pot starterkit including 47L Watertank Bulk

Price Excl. VAT: AED 799.05 Price Incl. VAT: AED 839.00

Autopot AirDome

Price Excl. VAT: AED 29.52 Price Incl. VAT: AED 31.00
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Minigarden Basic M Pots White

AED 174.00

Special Price Price Excl. VAT: AED 124.29 Price Incl. VAT: AED 130.50

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